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About Us

We are a young, dynamic and determined company dedicated to the creation, manufacture and commercialization of products for various business areas.


Founded in 2011, our young company started our production line of stainless steel furniture and equipment and aspire to create and manufacture more and more refined and innovative solutions. Production witch as grown and evolved but kept the high standards of quality that moved us in to starting this “quest”.


With the developing of our activity trough the years we added to our catalogue other equipments and consumable goods, brands and partners, who share our work ethic, and is useful to you, our client, our purpose.


We also have at the disposals of our clients services in projection, planing and drawing for new facilities, and custom manufacturing services so that the equipment can be adapted to you, to your space and to your dream.

About Us


From the beginning that our aim is to progressively, continually and sustainably grow and be a reference in the Nacional market.


Our second goal is to remind Europe and the world of the great merit and value that the Portuguese Industry has, with craftsmanship in manufacture like no others at fair prices, and do that by exporting as much as we can and to as many countries as we are able.


But we don’t want just to do more, we want to do better, and apply everything we have in creating new and improved solutions to our clients.


Custom Manufacture

With long years of experience in handling and manipulation of stainless steel already in our history we can leave fully in your hands the design, measures and shape of your equipment. From measurements variation of our products in catalogue to the fresh development of a product you scratched in a napkin you can leave it to us.


Our manufacturing line has the means to face all the challenges that may be thrown at us, from specialized machinery and technological equipment to qualified and experienced professionals.


Make sure to use the form in our contact page or any of our contacts if you’re in need of a personalized preposition.

Custom Manufacture

Design and Planing

We have at the disposal of our clients a design and planning team to back you up in the process of opening or remodeling you space. Our designers have a large experience in planing veterinary centers, clinics, hospitals, hotels, kitchens and much more.


The main reason to contact our services in a early stage is to be assure that your construction job will fluidly work with your furniture, Bathtubs and general equipment so that the installation is quicker and therefore cheaper and with no need for modifications on site. The total time of your project will also be shortened as our manufacturing process can be started sooner as we are involved in the planning. At the time of the preposition we will also elaborate 2D and 3D plans to ensure that the final result is exactly what you aspire.


Be sure to use the contact page for any inquiries or propositions.

Design and Planing